FUSION Surgery: An Innovative Approach for Rectal Cancer

27 Jun 2023

Hernia PSU Cadaveric Surgical Training Centre

23 - 24 Sep 2022

Hernia PSU Cadaveric Surgical Training Centre

23 - 24 Sep 2022

Asian Congress of Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery (ACLS)

14 -16 Nov 2019

South East Asia, Hernia Symposium in Bali

4 Oct 2019

Singapore Colorectal Week
Live Surgery Demostration by Dr Ng Chee Yung - Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection with TME.

Aug 2019

Health talk show for Charity (Indonesia)

16 Sep 2017

Future Med 2017 International Medicine and Technology Conference & Expo
Speaking on "Advances in Medical Technology/Innovation in Surgery"

26 Aug 2017

Farrer Park Hospital Annual Scientific Meeting 2017
Speaking on "Updates on the Management of Hemorrhoids"

18 Aug 2017

Merck GP Symposium
Speaking on "Colon Cancer – Painful Diagnosis to Painless Treatments"

9 June 2017

Shanghai International Colorectal Cancer Symposium
Speaking on "Technique and Outcomes following colonic stenting for large bowel obstruction"

18 June 2017

Live Surgery Demonstration in Brunei
Transanal Endoscopic Surgery at RIPAS Hospital

23-24 May 2017

Asiamedic Lunch Talk – FedEx Employee
Speaking on "Radiology and Rectal Cancer Surgery – Working Hand in Hand"

17 May 2017

Tan Tock Seng Hospital Minimally Invasive Surgery Masterclass Cadaveric Workshop
Speaking on "Laparoscopic D3 Right Hemicolectomy"

22 Apr 2017

Table instructor for hands-on cadaver workshop

Eisai GP symposium
Speaking on "Updates and Case studies on Colorectal Diseases"

25 Mar 2017

Jakarta Digestive Week
Speaking on "Lap CME/D3 Dissections for Right Colectomy – Early Experience"

11 Nov 2016

Asian Congress of Robotic Surgery 2016 (Gyeonju, South Korea)
Speaking on "Early Experience with Da Vinci Xi and new Robotic Instruments"

25 Nov 2016

Clinical Robotic Surgery Worldwide Congress 2016 (Daegu, South Korea)
Speaking on "What can we do for safe anastomosis"

6 Oct 2016

Live Surgery at Tan Tock Seng Hospital

28 Aug 2016

Masterclass Workshop

26 Aug 2016

Colonic Stent Procedure
Mind And Body

20 Jun 2016

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8th Biennial Congress of ASEAN Society of Colorectal Surgeons (ASCS) in Bali

6-9 Apr 2016

The Philippine Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons

16-19 Mar 2016

KL Hernia Workshop

8 Sep 2015

Dr Ng Chee Yung invited to give lecture and perform live demonstration.

World Ostomy Day
Lian He Wan Bao (联合晚报)

07 Oct 2012

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