What is Hernia?

A hernia is an abnormal protrusion of abdominal organ(s) through a weakness or defect in the abdominal wall.

Dr Ng's Expertise in Hernia Surgery

What are common types of Hernia?

1. Inguinal

Commonest hernia occurs in the groin (inguinal) region. This area is prone to developing hernias because the abdominal muscle there is usually thinner and weaker than in other parts.

2. Umbilical

Next most common form of hernia are in the umbilical (belly button) region. This is also a common area of weakness.

3. Surgical Incision

Hernias also commonly occur over previous abdominal wounds (surgical incision sites).

What problems do Hernias cause?

Hernias often cause pain or discomfort. They may limit the sufferer’s lifestyle and mobility affecting their quality of life.

Sometimes dangerous complications may result when intestine gets caught within the hernia. The caught intestine may become unhealthy and rupture inside, resulting in life threatening infection when this occurs.

How are Hernias treated?

Unfortunately, there is no medicine that can fix or repair hernias. Surgery is the only way to physically repair the weakness in the abdominal wall that causes the hernia.

Hernia surgery is a very commonly performed operation, so the technique for repair is very well established. The usual methods of repair are either by open surgery or laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery. Usually laparoscopic surgery is a better operation in terms of post surgery pain, comfort, hospital stay and return to work.

However, laparoscopic surgery is a harder operation for a surgeon to master and gain proficiency than open surgery. It takes much more practice for a hernia surgeon to be able to perform a good laparoscopic hernia treatment than a good open repair. Hence a laparoscopic hernia treatment surgery is only better than an open hernia treatment surgery in experienced hands.

In fact, there is evidence to show that in inexperienced hands, laparoscopic repair may have a higher failure (recurrence) rate and complication rate.

If you are looking for a hernia surgeon, contact Dr Ng today.

Dr Ng is a recognised expert hernia surgeon. He is particularly known for his meticulous laparoscopic surgery technique and is regularly sought after to train and teach other surgeons in his method. Dr Ng has performed live demonstration laparoscopic hernia treatment (in front of other surgeons) to showcase his surgery in various countries including Malaysia, Brunei, Myanmar and Singapore.

Dr Ng training participants in a workshop (surgery on training model) at Bangkok 2011

Dr Ng with Dr Rao and organisers at Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok training facility 2011

Dr Ng with Dr Sathien, President of Asia-Pacific Hernia Society

Dr Ng with teaching faculty in Hernia Workshop 2012

Dr Ng with other faculty, participants and organisers in training laboratory 2012

Dr Ng with teaching faculty in Hernia Workshop 2012

Dr Ng with teaching faculty in Hernia Workshop 2012

Training workshop faculty and participants, Bangkok 2014

Dr Ng with Dr Moe Moe Tin and Dr Koh outside Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar, after performing live surgery demonstration 2014